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Your immune system works constantly to protect your body from infection, cellular injury, and disease. It relies on a consistent and robust supply of nutrients to support its basic functions, and to increase immune system activity when needed, to reduce the risk of infection. 1 The body effectively has an “on and off” switch for immune response. How quickly and effectively your body responds is dependent on how well your immune system is nourished.

As we age, the risk and severity of infections becomes more dependent on how well our immune systems are working. Several factors influence proper immune system function, including nutrition. Considerable research shows that poor nutrition, with deficiencies in one or more micronutrients (vitamins and essential minerals), can compromise immune function. Correcting the nutritional deficiency, in most cases, can restore immune function. 2

Due to aging and the loss of ability to absorb and process nutrients, diet alone may not be sufficient to correct a nutritional deficiency in the immune system. In these cases, condition-specific nutritional supplementation may be necessary to enhance, restore or bolster proper immune function. 2

Further, as the body ages, so does the immune system. 3 Many people over the age of 65 (although not all) become less able to respond to immune challenges. 4-5 In addition, age-related changes are compounded by certain lifestyle factors (e.g., diet, environmental factors, and oxidative stress) specific to each life stage. These lifestyle factors can influence and modify, in some cases suppressing, immune function, therefore, the risk and severity of infections may increase. 2,6

Nutriguard ImmuneSF is a unique proprietary nutraceutical formulation designed to support and maintain an effective immune system. This formulation contains a synergistic blend of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the human body and is used clinically as an antioxidant. This powerful nutrient is also able to help regulate the immune system. 7

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) has been use clinically for more than 30-yrs as a natural treatment to thin mucus throughout the body, making it less thick and sticky.

NAC has also been proposed for and used as a general support for healthy respiratory function in the face of cellular oxidative stress. 8

A large study of a total of 262 subjects of both sexes (78% ≥65 yrs.) was conducted to evaluate the effect of long-term treatment with NAC on influenza and influenza-like episodes. 8

NAC treatment was well tolerated and resulted in a significant decrease in the frequency of influenza-like episodes, severity, and length of time confined to bed. Both local and systemic symptoms were sharply and significantly reduced in the patients treated with NAC. 8

Administration of N-acetylcysteine, especially during the winter, therefore, appears to provide a significant reduction of influenza and influenza-like episodes, especially in elderly high-risk individuals. 8

Zinc affects the immune system in many ways. 9 Zinc is crucial for normal development and function of cells. Additionally, zinc deficiency adversely affects the growth and function of T and B immune cells). Zinc also functions as an antioxidant to stabilize membranes, suggesting that it has an important role in the prevention of free radical-induced cell injury during inflammatory processes. 10

The body does not store zinc, thus bioavailable zinc from food or supplements must be eaten or taken on regular basis. 11

Glucans are strong activators of cellular immunity, specifically targeting the support of macrophages, a type of white blood cell in the immune system. Based on initial studies, glucans demonstrated protection against infection. In fact, studies show that the primary physicochemical properties of glucans include antioxidant effects, which help to scavenge reactive oxygen species, an important part of the body’s normal immune response to fight infection. 12


“ImmuneSF features a combination of beta-glucan and zinc, to bolster acquired immunity, and potent antioxidants, N-acetylcysteine, alpha lipoic acid and selenium to supplement the body’s ability to produce antibodies and virus hunting T-cells“
Dr. Mark McCarty, Founder, Nutriguard Formulations

“I first started taking ImmuneSF in mid-2020. I was taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening. Within one week I noticed increased lung capacity and that I was free of my normal morning coughing. I was further convinced of the efficacy of ImmuneSF when my swimming/exercise regimen changed. Before starting ImmuneSF I could swim about 1 1/2 laps under water in our family swimming pool and this was almost a daily exercise routine. After a few weeks I could stay under water for almost 60% further. I had made no other changes to my supplement routine and credit ImmuneSF with my expanded lung capacity“
David D – Fort Worth, Texas

“I have been taking ImmuneSF for the past three months and I noticed significant changes to my lung capacity. My breathing improved after playing high intensity table tennis (Ping-Pong). I used to only be able to play for 30 minutes, but now I can play for one hour straight without having to take a break. I can keep up with the younger players no problem.”
Mr. Kwong

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Since you are interested in supplementation, you most likely will agree that rationally-designed nutritional supplementation can play an important role in optimizing, preserving and restoring health – not as an alternative to, but in conjunction with, a healthful diet, regular exercise, and a prudent use of your physician’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

It is precisely because supplemental nutrition is a serious issue that companies like NutriGuard are needed. For more than two decades, NutriGuard has addressed this issue by formulating scientifically credible, no-nonsense products that in our view are likely to provide real benefits.

At NutriGuard, we pride ourselves on our scientific insight. Our formulas, including the newly introduced ImmuneSF have all been formulated to be condition-specific and narrowly focus on each person’s needs. Our staff researches and reviews the many published papers related to health and nutrition and formulate our products with this scientific validation in the forefront.

Please peruse our website to learn more about our products and contact us directly if we can answer any questions or assistance.

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