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Powerful Immune System

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Important New Product Update


acuMMUNE is a unique nutraceutical formulation designed to support effective immune function – including in particular interferon-mediated anti-viral mechanisms – while also helping to mitigate the excessive lung inflammation that can lead to the harsh symptoms associated with certain respiratory infections. Hence, acuMMUNE provides both immunosupportive and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The proprietary blend of the highly effective antioxidants, N-acetylcysteine, lipoic acid, and selenium, combined with the most powerful antioxidant in nature, astaxanthin, creates a targeted physiological network designed to enhance an effective interferon response to many types of viruses; interferon works through multiple pathways to suppress intracellular viral replication. At the same time, these agents exert anti-inflammatory effects that can help to prevent or control the excessive lung inflammation.

Beta-Glucan, derived from the cell walls of brewer’s yeast, has been clinically proven to help stave off and control infections through enhancing the function of dendritic cells. These cells process antigens from infectious agents, which in turn recruit lymphocytes responsive to these antigens and create protective antibodies to eliminate virus-infected cells. Zinc supplementation supports efficient multiplication of various immune cells, while also exerting protective anti-inflammatory effects. Several studies demonstrate that zinc supplementation can decrease infection risk in highly susceptible patients, such as young children and the elderly.

order now(800) 433-2402

We purposefully designed acuMMUNE
with you and your health in mind.

acuMMUNE is a unique condition-specific nutraceutical product composed of a proprietary blend of a highly effective
immunosupportive / antioxidant/anti-inflammatory complex which includes the most powerful antioxidant know in nature, Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is 6000 X more powerful than vitamin C. All of this to provide our consumers with the most efficacious product possible in supporting immune health.

To receive the maximum benefit acuMMUNE has to offer, we recommend a daily dose of 9 capsules total.  The reason for the 9 capsules was to accommodate the volume of ingredients and still keep the capsules small enough to not cause discomfort when swallowing.

“We are thrilled to provide you with the support your immune system needs with acuMMUNE!”

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Since you are interested in supplementation, you most likely will agree that rationally-designed nutritional supplementation can play an important role in optimizing, preserving and restoring health – not as an alternative to, but in conjunction with, a healthful diet, regular exercise, and a prudent use of your physician’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

It is precisely because supplemental nutrition is a serious issue that companies like NutriGuard are needed. For more than two decades, NutriGuard has addressed this issue by formulating scientifically credible, no-nonsense products that in our view are likely to provide real benefits.

At NutriGuard, we pride ourselves on our scientific insight. Our formulas, including the newly introduced acuMMUNE have all been formulated to be condition-specific and narrowly focus on each person’s needs. Our staff researches and reviews the many published papers related to health and nutrition and formulate our products with this scientific validation in the forefront.

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