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    Recommended Usage: 4 tablets with 2 meals daily. Bottle of 360 tablets: (a 45-day supply) A day's full dose (8 tablets) provides: 50mg of zinc2mg of copper4mg of manganese100mcg of selenium

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    Recommended Usage: 4 capsules up to 3 times dailyBottle of 180 capsules

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    Recommended Usage: 1 or 2 tablets daily with meals. Bottle of 90 tablets: 30 day supply For those who insist on the convenience of a one tablet supplement. Iron free

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    Just blend Chocolatl Verde into low-fat milk, soy milk, or rice milk for a delicious dark chocolate treat – or find your own way to use it. A Rich Source of the Health-Promoting: Aztec Wonder Foods Spirulina and Flavanol-Rich Cocoa Powder Enriched with Soy Isoflavones, Green Coffee Antioxidants, and Taurine Read More: The Chocolatl Verde Report

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Important New Product Update

acuMMUNE: an Immunosupportive/Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Inflammatory Complex Available Soon

acuMMUNE is a unique nutraceutical formulation designed to support effective immune function – including in particular interferon-mediated anti-viral mechanisms – while also helping to quell the excessive lung inflammation that can lead to the harsh symptoms and even death associated with certain respiratory infections. Hence, acuMMUNE provides both immunosupportive and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The proprietary blend of the highly effective antioxidants, N-acetylcysteine, lipoic acid, and selenium, combined with the most powerful antioxidant in nature, astaxanthin, creates a targeted physiological network designed to enhance an effective interferon response to many types of viruses; interferon works through multiple pathways to suppress intracellular viral replication. At the same time, these agents exert anti-inflammatory effects that can help to prevent or control the excessive lung inflammation that can make some infections deadly.

Beta-Glucan, derived from the cell walls of brewer’s yeast, has been clinically proven to help stave off and control infections through enhancing the function of dendritic cells. These cells process antigens from infectious agents, which in turn recruit lymphocytes responsive to these antigens and create protective antibodies to eliminate virus-infected cells.

Zinc supplementation supports efficient multiplication of various immune cells, while also exerting protective anti-inflammatory effects. Several studies demonstrate that zinc supplementation can decrease infection risk in highly susceptible patients, such as young children and the elderly.

Vitamins, Multivitamins, Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss and a whole lot more!

Since you are interested in supplementation, you most likely will agree with us that rationally-designed nutritional supplementation can play an important role in optimizing, preserving and restoring health - not as an alternative to, but in conjunction with, a healthful diet, regular exercise, and a prudent use of your physician’s diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

It is precisely because supplemental nutrition is a serious issue that companies like NutriGuard are needed. Supplementation that really works often requires rather ample amounts of some nutrients and phytochemicals that aren’t necessarily inexpensive. And devotees of supplementation often like to take a wide range of protective nutrients. So the cost of an effective supplementation program can quickly get out of hand - potentially a major problem for young families and for older people on fixed incomes who arguably have the greatest need for supplementation. The fact that Medicare and most health insurance policies won’t help you pay for your supplements - traditionally viewed as quasi-quackery by a medical industry that dances to the tune of the billions spent on research and promotion by drug companies - doesn’t help matters at all.

So for over two decades, NutriGuard has attempted to address this issue by formulating scientifically credible, no-nonsense products that in our view are likely to provide real benefits, and selling them directly to consumers at a moderate mark-up over their cost of production. In this way, most people can afford to use a program of supplemental nutrition that is potent enough and versatile enough to provide genuine protection and address a range of health needs. That doesn’t mean that all of our products are cheap - but they are as affordable as they reasonably can be relative to their inherent cost. In other words, you’re not getting ripped off!

Of course, price is not the only issue. At NutriGuard, we pride ourselves on our scientific insight. Back in 2001, when Dr. Reinhold Vieth published studies confirming the safety of supplementation with 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily, we immediately increased the vitamin D3 content of a daily dose of Broad Spectrum to 4,000 IU. There was no customer demand for this at the time, and in fact we lost some customers because their doctors told them that we were poisoning them! But we persisted because we were sure that we were right about the safety and protective benefits on this dose. And now, ten years later, many credible health authorities are recommending a supplemental intake of at least 4,000 IU! But, in light of new evidence that some people may need as much as 8,000 IU to achieve optimal serum levels of vitamin D, and the realization that many of our Broad Spectrum customers are using only half the suggested daily dose, we recently raised the vitamin D content of Broad Spectrum to 10,000 IU. We’re quite confident of the safety of this, given that people receiving optimal UV exposure can make 10-20,000 IU daily in their skin! (When was a lifeguard ever hospitalized for vitamin D toxicity?)

So please take a little time to visit our website, and check out the range of products and services we can offer you. The best time for optimal nutrition is NOW!


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Nutritional Weight Loss PlanNutriguard President's Plan

This comprehensive health program, designed by NutriGuard’s President and Science Director Mark McCarty for his personal use, is the fruit of over 35 years of persistent study and thought regarding preventive health issues. McCarty, the author of over 230 biomedical papers cited on MedLine, is dedicated to the pr oposition that, to maximize your chances to preserve your functional capacities and avoid major diseases into a ripe old age, you need to Eat Right, Exercise Right, and Supplement Right ! This cutting - edge supplementation program focuses on optimizing your antioxidant protection while amplifying your body’s production of protective nitric oxide, of key importance to the health of your vasculature, brain, and bones, and also an aid for efficient exercise performance. Fish oil and a comprehensive nutritional insurance formula round out the program.